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Dedicated to Professor L.ZADEH: Fuzziness in Multidimensional Systems

N.E.Mastorakis (Greece)


Fuzzy Systems, Multidimensional Systems, Roesser Model, Fornasini-Marchesini model

Design of 2-Dimensional Recursive Filters

by using Neural Networks

V. M. Mladenov (Bulgaria), N. E. Mastorakis (Greece)


2 Dimensional Recursive Filters, Constrained Optimization, Neural Networks

Stability of 2-Dimensional Systems: A Neural Network Approach

N.E. Mastorakis (Greece)


Neural Networks, Applications of Neural Networks in Multidimensional Systems Stability, Multidimensional Systems

Study of Stability of Multidimensional Systems using Genetic Algorithms

N.E. Mastorakis, I.F. Gonos (Greece)


Genetic Algorithms, Stability, Multidimensional Systems

The Optimal Structure of Backpropagation Networks

S.Sureerattanan, H.N.Phien (Thailand)


Backpropagation networks, Optimal structure of Backpropagation networks, Akaike information criterion, Baycsion information criterion

PWL Approximation of Non-linear Functions for the Implementation of Neuro-Fuzzy Systems

K. Basterretxea, E.Alonso, J.M.Tarela, I.D.Campo (Spain)


Neuro-fuzzy system, PWL function, lattice operator, recursive linear interpolation, membership function,gaussian function,function generation circuit

Bridging the gap between subsymbolic and symbolic techniques: A pragmatic approach

G. Stamou (Greece), D.Vogiatzis (Greece), S. Strove (The Netherlands)


Neurosymbolic Integration, Neural Networks, Symbols

How to choose membership functions for fuzzy models in approximation problems

R. Ruelas (Mexico)


Fuzzy Engineering, Membership functions, Fuzzy models, Approximation

From Synapses To Rules: The Self-Referential Perspective

B. Apolloni (Italy), G. Biella (Italy), A. Stafylopatis (Greece)


Neural networks, rule extraction, symbolic/subsymbolic knowledge

Cluster Learning for the Approximation of Dynamical System

M. Conti, S. Orcioni, C. Turchetti (Italy)


Neural Networks, Stochastic, Learning, Dynamical Systems

Hydrid Hierarchical Steps and Learning by Abstraction for an Emotion Recognition System

B.Apolloni, C.Orovas, G.Palmas (Italy)


PAC learning, PAC meditation, hybrid systems, abstraction learning, emotion recognition

Fuzzy Extension of the Petri Box Calculus for Modeling of Manufacturing Systems

A.Lavrov (Germany)


Fuzzy sets, high-level Petri nets, process algebras, automated manufacturing

Using Genetic Algorithms for Inductive Learning

R.J. Alcock, Y.Manolopoulos (Greece)


Data mining, inductive learning, genetic algorithms, machine learning, rule-based systems.

Training of Neural Networks Using a New Filter Based on the Kalman Filter

M. Elhasnaoui (Belgium)


Neural networks, Kalman filter, Nonlinear system identification.

Connection between BPTT and RTRL

T. Hanselmann, A. Zaknich, Y. Attikiouzel (Australia)


BPTT, RTRL, ordered derivatives, recurrent networks, backpropagation, forward-


Noise Effects in Fuzzy Modeling Systems:Three Case Studies

P.J.Costa Branco, J.A. Dente (Portugal)


Fuzzy modelling, fuzzy function approximation, fuzzy systems, learning interference, noise

What a neural net needs to know about emotion words

R. Cowie, E. Douglas-Cowie, B. Apolloni, J. Taylor, A. Romano, W Fellenz (UK)


Emotion recognition, semantics, neural network

Enhancing GA-based Sequential ATPG through Guided Crossover

M.Dimopoulos, P.Linardis (Greece)


Genetic Algorithms Test generation, Sequential digit Circuit, ATPG

Estimation of the Basin of Attractions of Stable Equilibrium Points in Full Range Cellular Neural Networks

V. Mladenov (Bulgaria), D. Leenaerts (Netherlands)


Cellular Neural Networks (CNNs), Full Range CNN, Linear System Operating in a Saturated

Mode (LSSM), basin of attractions

A Decision Queue based on Genetic Algorithms: Axis-Parallel Classifier versus Rotated Hyperboxes

J. Riquelme, J. Aguilar, Y.M. Toro (Spain)


Data mining, supervised learning, genetic algorithms.

Fuzzy Logic at Service for a Better World:

The Social Dimensions of Fuzzy Sets

V.Dimitrov (Australia)


Virtual meaning, level of coherence, collective identity ,creative misunderstanding,edge of chaos ,fuzzy granules,integrity

A Fuzzy Knowledge-based System for Handling Criticality Analysis in Power Plants Maintenance

A.Sergaki, K.Kalaitzakis (Greece)


Inspection Planning, Fuzzy relational database ,Critically Analysis, Decision Support Systems

Use of criteria of class validity with the Possibilistic C Means algorithm

A. Devillez , P. Billaudel, G. Villermain Lecolier (France)


Fuzzy clustering Unsupervised classification fuzzy C means possibilistic C means Compacity and seperability Classification Entropy, Fuzzy Hypervolume

Analog Implementation of Neo-Fuzzy Neuron and Its On-board Learning

T. Miki, T. Yamakawa (Japan)


Analog hardware, prediction, on-board learning, fuzzy system, neural networks, adaptation, global

minimum, high-speed learning

Design Issues for the VLSI Implementation of Universal Approximator Fuzzy Systems

I.Baturone, S.Sanchez-Solano, A.Barriga, J.L. Huertas (Spain)


Fuzzy systems, universal approximators, B-splines, VLSI design

An Efficient All-Neighbor Fuzzy Association Approach in Distributed Multisensor Multitarget Environment

A.M. Aziz, M.Tummala, R.Cristi (USA)


Data Fusion, Data Association, Multisensor Multitarget Tracking Systems,

Harmonic Components Detection in Stochastic Sequences Using Artificial Neural Networks

Y. Bodyanskiy, S. Popov (Ukraine),A. Stephan (Germany)


Hidden harmonic components,stochastic sequence, real-time detection, technical diagnostics,fault detection,artificial neural networks

A Semantic Approach in Modeling and Visualing WWW Bookmarks

C. Petrou, D. Charitos, D. Martakos (Greece)


Bookmarks, 3D Visualization, Semantic Modeling, Fuzzy Logic, Expert Systems, Virtual Environments

Robust Self-Learning Fuzzy Logic Servo Control with Neural Network-Based Load Compensator

Z. Kovacic, V.Petik, T.Reichenbach, S.Bogdan (Croatia)


Self-learning fuzzy logic control, neural networks, nonlinear load compensation, intelligent control,

servo systems.

Data Distribution, Analysis and Evaluation of code - An Expert System Approach

P.J.P. McMullan, P. Milligan, P.H. Corr (Northern Ireland)


Automatic, Intelligent, Parallelisation, Distribution, Expert-Systems, Knowledge-Based, Multiprocessor

Self-Tuning Controller Based On Process Fuzzy Model

R. Cupec, N. Peric, I. Petrovic (Croatia)


Fuzzy control, fuzzy model, adaptive control, pole-placement design

Optimization of a Fuzzy Controller for a Reactive Navigation

H. Maaref (France), C. Barret (France), A. Amamou (Tunisie)


Fuzzy control, On-line optimization, Backpropagation algorithm, Reactive navigation, Mobile Robot

A New Simplified Version of the Fuzzy Controller: The Natural Logic Controller

A. Aceves Lopez, J. Aguilar Martin (France)


Natural Logic Controller, Mixed fuzzy-logic connective, Stability, Robustness.

Real Time Fuzzy PID Controller Structures

M. Golob, B. Tovornik (Slovenia)


Fuzzy logic control Fuzzy PID control, real time contro, magnetic suspension system

Structural and Training Strategies for Direct Neural control Systems

B. Mendil, K. Benmahammed (Algeria)


Adaptive and optimal control, neural networks, training algorithms, FEP algorithm.

Event based neuron models for biological simulation. A model of the locomotion circuitry of the nematode C.Elegans

E.T.Claverol, R.C.Cannon, J.E.Chad, A.D.Brown (UK)


Neuronal simulation, discrete simulation, C. elegans, locomotion

An application of Genetic Algorithm with Fuzzy Inference to Real Scale Distribution System for Loss Minimization Re-configuration Problem

S. Nonaka, S. Murakami (Japan)


Power distribution systems, genetic algorithm, fuzzy inference, loss minimization

Optimal Reactive Power Flow Using an Extended Evolution Strategy

J.R. Gomes, O.R. Saavedra (Brasil)


Evolutionary computation, reactive dispatch, optimization, artificial iontelligence, power systems

Automatic Generation of Collision-Free Programs for Multiple Manipulators Using Evolutive Algorithms

M. A. Ridao, J. Riquelme, E.F. Camacho, M.Toro (Spain)


Evolutive algorithms, multirobot systems, motion planning

Comparative analysis of the cost/performance ratio between conventional and Fuzzy controllers. A practical case

A. R. Tello, J.S.TIL (Spain)


State-space controller, Fuzzy controller, controller adjust, cost/performance ratio, rule-based model, formal model

Fuzzy Control Educational Tutorial and Simulator

M.A.Gamal, M.M.Gomaa, M.Sobh (Egypt)


Fuzzy Logic, Fuzzy Control, Intelligent Control, Modeling, Simulation

Fuzzy Model-Based Control:A Practical Approach

M.Setnes (Netherlands), J.M.Sousa (Portugal)


Fuzzy-model-based control, fuzzy modelling, discrete model predictive control, discrete optimization

Distributed Intelligent Control of Unreliable Manufacturing Systems

E. Dretoulakis, S. Ioannidis, N.C. Tsourveloudis (Greece)


Production networks, work-in-process, intelligent control, fuzzy logic

Using Reflexes to Speed ANN Learning in an Autonomous Mobile Robot

A. Ferworn, K. Plataniotis (Canada)


Neural Networks, Autonomous robotics, Control Architecture

Intelligent Query Model for Business Characteristics

R.A. Ribeiro, A.M. Moreira (Portugal)


Fuzzy natural language, modifiers, quantifiers, qualifiers, financial indicators

Input-Output Fuzzy Modelling Applied to a Mobile Robot

M.J. Lopez-Baldan, J.Ruiz-Gomez, R.Fernandez, A.Garcia-Cerezo (Spain)


Fuzzy Modelling, Inductive Learning, qualitative Modelling, Mobile Robots

A Fuzzy-Based Face Tracking Scheme

N. Herodotou, K.N. Plataniotis, A.N. Venetsanopoulos (Canada)


Fuzzy Systems, Color Image Segmentation, Shape and Color Analysis

Face Detection Under Arbitrary Lighting Conditions and Background Environment

D. Anifantis, E. Dermatas, G. kokkinakis (Greece)


Face detection, light correction, neural networks, neural face detector, face orientation,bootstrap method

A Robust Fuzzy Torque Control System for Electric Vehicles Application

M.Hachicha, N.Masmoudi, L. Kamoun (Tunisia)


Fuzzy, controller, DSP, Robust, Command, EV

Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Control of A Fluid Mixer

A.I. Lanas, R. Tanscheit, M.M. Vellasco, M.A. Pacheco (Brazil)


Fuzzy control, neural nets, neuro-fuzzy systems, rule-base, multivaribale, nonlinear system

Speed Estimation of Induction Motors using Neural Networks in the Rotating Coordinate

S. Farahani , K. Jalili, C. Lucas (Iran)


Speed Estimation, Neural Network, Vector Control, Induction Motor

Evolutionary ARMA Model Identification With Unknown Process Order

G.N. Beligiannis, E.N. Demiris, S.D. Likothanassis (Greece)


AutoRegressive Moving Average model, Multi Model Partitioning theory, Genetic Algorithms, Evolution program

Intelligent Computation in the Computerized Flat Knitting Systems

Y. Ding, S. Shao (China)


Intelligent Computation, compound agent, fuzzy logic, Petri nets, Cellular Automata, Genetic Algorithms, Chaos, Fractal Geometry, Knitting systems

Modeling of a Turbocharger Diesel Engine using Neural Network

X.Dovifaaz, M. Ouladsine, A. Rachid (France)


Neural-network models, backpropagation learning, Levenberg-Marquardt method, diesel engines.

A Self-Organizing Map Approach to Segmentation of Color Image

H.Y.Huang, Y.S. Chen, W.H. Hsu (China)


Color image segmentation, self-organizing map(SOM).

Affine Invariant Representation and Classification of Object Contours for Image and Video Retrieval

Y.Avrithis, Y.Xirouhakis, S.Kollias (Greece)


Affine-invariant representation, object contours, image and video retrieval and classification

Iterative Evaluation of Regularization Parameters in Regularized Image Restoration with Wavelet Filter Banks

I. Stephanakis, N. Doulamis, A. Doulamis, S. Kollias (Greece)


Wavelets, Multiresolution, Filter banks, Regularized image restoration, Iterative methods.

Comparing Template-based, Feature-based and Supervised Classification of Facial Expressions from Static Images

W.A. Fellenz (UK), J.G. Taylor (UK), N. Tsapatsoulis (Greece), S. Kollias (Greece)


Facial analysis, emotion recognition, static face images, MLP

Emotion Recognition Using Feature Extraction and 3-D Models

K. Karpouzis, G. Votsis, G. Moschovitis, S. Kollias (Greece)


Expression recognition, 3-d muscle mesh, feature extraction, motion estimation

Adaptive Three Dimensional Laser Scanning and Object Reconstruction

T. Lilas, S. Kollias (Greece)


Adaptive laser scanning, three dimensional object reconstrunction

Traffic Analysis and Modeling of Real World Video Encoders

K. Ntalianis, N. Doulamis, A. Doulamis, S. Kollias (Greece)


Modeling, MPEG Video Coding, Multiplexing, Packet Loss.

Improvised Traditional Greek Songs Composed by Genetic Algoriths

D.Politis, P. Linardis, M. Dimopoulos (Greece)


Improvised computer generated music Composition,context of traditional greek songs,Genetic algorithms

Pattern Recognition for Oriental Music Scores, A Combination of Knowledge Analysis, Kalman Filtering and Neural Networks

T. Felfel, J.-M. Chouvel, J.-P. Richard (France)


Image recognition, music score recognition, image segmentation, Kalman-Bucy filter, RBF neural

networks, oriental music.

A Neural Network Detector for Clinically Normal Mammograms with Multiscale Feature Enhancement

G.S. Raquel, D. Andina (Spain)


Neural Networks, Biomedical Engineering, Computer-aided diagnosis, Multiscale Feature Enhancement

Enhanced Selectivity of Sensors Array for Brazilian Brandy Classification

M.B.P. De La Vega, M.Perez-Lisboa, F.J. Ramirez-Fernadez, G.Baratto (Brazil)


Electronic Nose, Gas Sensors, Pattern recognition, Neural network.

Expert System for the Diagnosis and Treatment of Preeclampsia

C. Rivas-Echeverria, F. Rivas-Echeverria, L.I. Molina (Venezuela)


Expert Systems, Preeclampsia, Medical Diagnosis, Medical treatment, Artificial Intelligence.